Why do you only publish local news?

There are already many suppliers of national and international news, perhaps too many in fact. We also don’t believe there is any need for yet another news aggregator that just pulls together links to the news created by others. While there are already local news providers, our goal is to provide local news on a global scale. Rather than having to visit multiple disparate sources to get all your local news in one place, we’d like to provide a single source for you to view all the local news you care about, perhaps including your current neighborhood, your hometown where you grew up, the city or college where you went to school, and where you work.

Why do we need ニュース.com?

On the surface, we may seem similar to other news sites, but we are actually quite different for a number of reasons. We’re hyperlocal. With our exclusive focus on hyperlocal news, we do one thing and one thing only. We’re news creators. Rather than aggregating the work of others, our articles are all original works, created by our writers, all of whom are local to the areas for which they write. We’re visual. We include at least one good quality, high resolution image, taken by the writer, with each story. We’re modern. Our site is designed with a “mobile first” mentality. We’re clean. Some competitor’s sites are cluttered with inappropriate advertisements and even links to adult content. We do our best keep our site clean, professional, and appropriate at all times.