What Is Hyperlocal News?

All of our articles are “hyperlocal,” which means they have a very specific focus on the concerns of a specific local community. While this may seem simple on the surface, there are times when it may be difficult to determine exactly what constitutes “local.” For an article to be published under one of our local areas, it must be relevant to people that live, work, or are frequently in that area. For example, an article might cover a new business that is taking over a vacant storefront or construction that is currently causing congestion in that area. If an article has direct interest to people outside of that area, it probably isn’t really local. An exception to this rule is a very interesting or special local story that garners the interest of people outside the area. An example of this might be an article about a local high school athlete that overcomes difficult odds and inspires their entire town. Such an article would fit the criteria of “local” even if it were to gain regional or national attention.