Writer Guidelines

  • Writers must live, work, or frequently be in the area for which they are writing.
  • Writers must proofread their articles before submission since changes to a published article are rarely made.
  • Writers must review the site before submitting an article in order to avoid duplicating article topics.

Article Guidelines

  • All articles must be hyperlocal.
  • All articles must follow the topic guidelines below.
  • All articles must include at least one image.

Topic Guidelines

There is no specific, all-inclusive list of what article topics are allowed. However, the general rule is that you can publish any local news that is of primary interest to locals. Below are some examples of typical allowed and prohibited topics.

Allowed Topics

  • Local “good news,” human interest, or inspirational stories.
  • New local business, restaurant, and store openings.
  • Local (upcoming or recent) events, parades, celebrations, etc.
  • Local sports events, players, and related activities.
  • Announcements and happenings of local government, schools, and associations.

Prohibited Topics

  • International news, e.g. international trade, conflict, or politics.
  • National news, e.g. national sports team news or politics
  • Gossip, scandals, etc.
  • Blatant self-promotion. Advertising and sponsored articles are available. Please contact us for more details.

Image Guidelines

Images make stories much more interesting and we require writers to include at least one original image with each story. Original images are not always easy to come by when writing articles. However, since our stories and writers are all local, it should be easy enough to take a quick photo for each article. New store opening? Get a photo of the storefront! Your local high school soccer team won that big game? Snap a picture of the post-game celebration!

Please submit photos in the highest resolution possible. We will automatically make smaller, optimized versions as needed.